Venture Capital Hitting New Highs

The Venture Capital (VC) space has been taking a hit for quite some time now, however, this time when it has taken a hit, almost no one knows what the future is going to be like. As is known to everyone, as a space, venture capital is one financial area which has been benefitting from the generosity of the Federal Reserve in the last couple of years, but it looks… Read More »Venture Capital Hitting New Highs

Alternative Financing Now a Means to Funding

It was very easy for most startups to fetch funding at a high valuation till early this year. However, today’s market is a bear market and it is very common for most investors to value startups at a lower amount, along with much stricter deal terms as compared to earlier times.  So, most startups that need some additional funding have been turning towards funds like venture debt and several other… Read More »Alternative Financing Now a Means to Funding